Devon Furniture Green Policy

Environmental Policy

Being a family ran local organisation we are more than aware of our responsibilities when it comes to what we do and how if effects the local environment.

Since moving to Heathfield we have made a number of environmentally conscious decisions and introduced a number of policies or initiatives, these include:

Recycling Banks

We have recently took receipt of four recycling banks within our car park – for the recycling of paper, plastic, glass & cans – with a textiles bank to follow.

According to Teignbridge District Council there is a “massive demand throughout the Heathfield and surrounding areas for recycling facilities” but they were struggling to find a site to home their banks which is where we were happy to get involved.

Packaging Waste

In early 2007 we invested in a plastics bailer to eliminate sending packaging waste to landfill. We also have our cardboard collected by a Licensed Waste Management Company.

As a company we have always removed all packaging from our customers homes to again prevent any of the packaging waste we produce, ending up in landfill.


In 2006 we replaced nearly 500 light bulbs (approx 95% of our showroom) throughout the store – converting them from 50 watt to 9 watt bulbs.


Customer toilets have been upgraded to 6 litre WC cisterns, and taps have been fitted with pressure reducers to minimise the amount of water used.

Re-Using Furniture

We have teamed up with a local organisation, Refurnish to offer our customers the opportunity to re-use their old furniture, electrical equipment and white goods.
The initiatives we have put into practice were recognised in 2007 when we were nominated as finalists for the Devon Environmental Business Initiative (DEBI) Award - Low Carbon Footprint category.

Car Sharing

Not only do we promote car sharing within Prestige, we also are happy for members of the public to meet at Prestige and leave a car here, enabling them to car share.