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Celebrate National Bed Month

Celebrate National Bed Month

Prestige Furniture celebrates National Bed Month

March celebrates national bed month, a nationwide event to raise awareness of how comfortable and properly supportive beds play a critical role to a good night’s sleep.

A considerable amount of people believe that leading a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly are the key contributors to a healthy and consistent sleeping pattern. However all of your efforts could be rendered diminished if you are sleeping on an overused and unsupported bed.

Research conducted by has highlighted that an uncomfortable mattress can reduce your sleep by up to an hour each night. Over time this could result in having underlying back and neck issues, as well as developing a bad posture.

Is it time to buy a new mattress?

If you think you’re losing sleep because of the age of your mattress then act on it immediately. Independent research has shown that beds as little as 6 years old could offer considerably less comfort and support than that of a new one. It’s not just the usual wear and tear and body movement to consider but also sweat and bed debris such as skin, hair etc.

The signs are very simple to see.

- Do you toss and turn/ wake up frequently during the night?
- You sleep better somewhere else?
- Are there any visible indentations, sagging or places on your mattress that feel uneven?

Things to consider when buying a new mattress

Before purchasing a new mattress it is important to do your homework. First determine your individual sleeping needs. Look into the mattress size and types before you visit a furniture store. Mammoth Mattresses offer a wealth of advice and knowledge on finding mattresses and pillows to suit you. Prestige Furniture is proud to be an official stockist of Mammoth beds and mattresses, as well as other leading bed and mattress suppliers.

Test Drive Your New Mattress

Look at buying a good mattress in the same manner you would a car, visit the store and test drive it yourself. Prestige Furniture highly recommends customers to not be shy and go in store and lie down on a wide range of models. This independent furniture store based near Bovey Tracey in Devon encourages every customer to enjoy a complimentary drink and take as long as they need to relax on a wide range of beds to feel the true support and quality of a new mattress.

Remember to ask questions, sales staff for example have a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of mattress brands, as well as important details about warranties and other mattress and sleep related topics.